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Dedicated Mission
Angela from Sleepaway Camp FOR PRESIDENT 2004
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My mission statement is important.

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My Mission.

"Say something, you spoiled little bitch."
I don't know who is President now. Maybe I am already President. I can stare at people a long time without blinking. They get nervous. Nervous people. Too many Presidents have been loud. I will not be loud. I am not causing any problems. I speak softly but carry a big penis. My penis is not big... I don't know why I just typed that. I don't have one. Vote Angela 2004.
Where is Osama bin Laden? He is in upstate New York, and he has boobs in a tight T-shirt that says his name: Judy. We must find and kill Osama bin Laden.

Campaign Headquarters * Camp Arawak* New York * USA